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This is a continuing blog all about the films and stars of the major films that are going to be big hits at The Oscars this year. Yesterday I spoke about Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and that it wasn’t as good as I had expected or hoped it to be.

Today I’m bringing you another movie review and this one is going to be a “big hitter” and I can see it taking home one or two awards. So lets gallop on and have a look at the next movie on my hit list.

Set against the backdrop or the First World War, Steven Spielberg’s new movie War Horse tells the story of Albert Narracott, played here by newcomer Jeremy Irvine whose father Ted (Peter Mullan) buys a part thoroughbred horse from market instead of a working horse. Albert trains the horse and it seems that nothing will ever separate the two. Of course, war breaks out in 1914 and the horse that Albert has named Joey has to be sold to the cavalry for the war effort. Joey then embarks on what will be an amazing journey through war-torn Europe.

Yeah, yeah I know. It sounds like Black Beauty in the war. This is not the case. Its a difficult to liken to another movie, but I suppose the closest I could give as an example would be Forest Gump, where in this case the horse is Forest. Not grabbing you yet? Hmm, I thought not. Well I saw the trailer some time ago and I wasn’t impressed either, but the more I heard about the film coming up to award season, the more I fancied seeing it. And of course I had to watch it for reviewing purposes here, I cannot just watch the films I want to see all the time now can I?

The film has some big names involved with it from Spielberg behind the camera to Emily Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and David Thewlis. The focus is on the horse but each of these fine actors gets an equal amount of screen time so there is no vying for the limelight and because of this the story is better told. The movie has already picked up two big nominations at the Golden Globes and although not nominated for the big awards at the Baftas, I think it will win a Best Cinematography Oscar if it is nominated for that category.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the film. The storyline is engaging, the acting performances are excellent and although it’s a story about a horse, and difficult to describe in a short sentence to my wife who really doesn’t want to see it, I think that it should be given a chance. I rate it as an 8/10 and think it will walk away with one, possibly two big awards in the coming month. Here is the trailer, see what you think.