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One for the kids amongst you now with the spin-off movie from the Shrek series, Puss In Boots.

An underused character to a great extent in the Shrek movies and when I first heard that Puss was getting his own movie, I was glad that they had chosen him rather than Donkey. I don’t think I could have handled an hour and a half of just Eddie Murphy massaging his ego. Antonio Banderas on the other hand is infinitely more enjoyable to listen to and his links with Zorro make you believe in the character of Puss much more.

Fortunately again, the movie is set before any meetings with Shrek and Donkey so they don’t feature in any way, shape or form so there are no dodgy Scottish accents here. The movie in fact tells the story of how Puss came to be the cat he is and we see a history of his younger days and his friendship with Humpty Dumpty as partners in crime, planning for years to find the magic beans, reach the Giant’s castle and steal the golden eggs laid by the golden goose.

It’s a well written tale, but lets face it the base material we all know, it has just been expanded to fit around the characters in the movie. There is the voice talent of Antonio Banderas of course, but joining him are Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis and Billy Bob Thornton as the main characters in the film and they do a very good job as you would expect. The special effects are very good and the animation is first class.

There is a lot of action in the film and my son who watched it with me was entertained all the way through. It was perhaps a little too long for him and he started to become a little restless towards the end, but I think he enjoyed it on the whole. I thought it was a decent spin-off movie and I will give it 6/10. A lot better than the last Shrek movie that’s for sure. Here is the trailer, see what you think if you get the chance to see the whole movie.