Time for a new update on Operation Interior Decoration. It has been a very long week and extremely busy, therefore I have neglected everything else on the blog an I apologise for that. This takes priority though and so here is the update.

I have one coat of paint to put on the biggest wall in the living room and then check for any patches on the other walls before its time to sort out the furniture and Kell’s craft things. Xander’s toys will also be making a sharp exit from the living room into his room finally.

Heres how it look so far after the painting phase.

The child is obviously the messiest part of the room. So once I have finished off this painting, it’ll be onto phase two which is the clear out and sort out of everything in the room. Tomorrow is the day I am laying the new laminate floor and after initially thinking that lifting the carpet would be the way to go, I have decided to go for it on top of the carpet. As long as it is flat, which it is, there should not be any problems. That is at least the answers I have got from the research I have done.

Last night was good and bad. I managed to get far on with the painting, but once I had packed up for the evening next door decided that it would a good idea to start playing their music loud. The joke of this is that it isn’t even anyone in our block of six flats, its the person directly through a four foot thick granite wall in the NEXT six flats. Now I used to like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard’s Greatest Hits albums, but I know detest the pair of them. Thats all they play next door until Def Leppard has finished and then there is nothing else. Its as if it is the only 2 CD’s they own! Of course the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit were a complete waste of time. After we called them to witness the levels they said that it wasn’t annoying enough to warrant anything being done. Now I’m sorry, but the law is 11pm, this was at 1am! They left and I request they come back, they didn’t show until it was too late and the music had stopped. This was at 2-30am, utter bollocks to be honest.

So anyway, I’m just having a spot of lunch before beginning phase 2 or the ongoing Operation Interior Decoration. More next week where I hope to show off the new floor. Have a good weekend folks. =)