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Operation Interior Decoration is now underway at chez Smurthwaite. We have decided to just about start again with our abode as it doesn’t look like we are about to move anytime soon, and to be honest with you, I am sick of the place looking below par in terms of decoration. For too long now have we had everything against walls and so regimented.

And so to start, I am repainting the walls room by room to white. You may think this is quite clinical as was pointed out to me today by a work colleague, but we are going for a clean look with contrasting furniture colours. We have already purchased two new sofas that will be replacing the current ones which are old and falling apart.

So the living room is first and until the sofas arrive in the next six weeks, I have to remove the carpets and dispose of them, then I have some nice laminate flooring, which I already have. B&Q have a great offer on just now so we decided to cash in on it. I might need more so I hope the deal is still on in a weeks time when I will be doing the floor as I am on holiday for a week the week after next giving me time to do the job. First time doing laminate but it looks easy enough to me.

Of course, in between times, I have to watch Real Steel, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Sherlock which is on tonight. Hopefully I won’t be too knackered after sorting out our outside cupboard and getting rid of the clutter that is in there, far too much of that aswell. Sigh – its a big job this spring cleaning/decorating, but it will be worth it I know that.

So what else is there, Xander now wants to do everything! He likes to be involved and we encourage it, but sometimes it can be more of a hindrance than a help, but that’s not his fault. It’s good that he likes to help out and he is generally a very helpful little lad. He is now doing great with his toilet aswell, even to the point of doing it himself when he wakes up in the morning. I never knew he would grow up this fast and be so independent, but he is. Therefore as a reward, we introduced him to the Harry Potter films. The first one was on over New Year and I allowed him to watch it. He loved it, especially when it got to the giant wizard chess. He even discussed the film with me afterwards. That was enough for me to get the rest of the collection although we are only letting him see the first four at the moment as the later ones are a bit too scary for him, but it probably wouldn’t bother him in all honesty.

Well anyway, I can’t sit here typing all day, so much stuff to do while Xander is out playing with his mate Sonny. Have a good Sunday folks. More on Operation Interior Decoration next week. Maybe even some pictures…