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Righto, due to the lead up to Christmas being so hectic, I have forgotten all about Football Friday, but now that the mad rush is all over, it now returns in a special festive edition. There have been many fixtures recently and more in the coming days for the English Premier League. One player however, will be able to enjoy a quiet New Year. Luis Suarez is fast becoming the most hated player in England and let’s be honest, he deserves everything he is getting. There are some bloggers who are saying that his more recent ban for “flipping the bird” towards Fulham fans is excessive. I disagree. Not only is it unprofessional, it gives a poor image of the club he plays for, Liverpool which is one of the most successful clubs in football history, but it also makes Suarez look like a complete child. The stick he was getting from the Fulham fans was part and parcel of being a footballer. If you do something that the fans don’t like then you are going to get jibed for it. Which brings me nicely to his first ban…

Note Glen Johnson - Is He Stupid?...You Decide

Suarez has been banned for 8 games for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. Quite right. Racism is supposed to being “kicked out” of the game and bans like these serve as a deterrent against players who think that it acceptable. What makes me laugh is the complete hypocrisy of the black Liverpool players who donned the Suarez T-shirt in protest at the ban the following match. Are they completely thick?! HELLO!!!! I don’t think I can add anything further to that except to say that because the John Terry incident is now a police matter (for whatever reason) he will receive a slap on the wrist, a small fine and will get nothing from the FA because he has already been punished by the law. Oh and of course, he is the England captain, so “we (the FA)” better not ban him…I am a Chelsea supporter and love what he has done for the club, but whether he has done it or not (which allegedly he has – lip synch and all that jazz) it’s not acceptable and brings shame on the club.

Focus. Time To Knuckle Down Man.

Anyway, enough of this horrible side to the game, lets look at some fixtures coming up. Liverpool take on Newcastle tonight and with Suarez being banned, its time for Andy Carroll to step up to the plate and be counted. The £35M rated (WHY?!) striker hasn’t enjoyed a great start to his Liverpool career but he has ample time now and must produce the goods. Can we have another game like the one 15 years ago please? Somehow I doubt it. Newcastle were a great team back then but look nothing like that now. Liverpool are just as dull to watch and I fear a 0-0 is on the cards here. Other than this match, there aren’t any really big games happening.

Oh how dull….. nevermind, there’s always the Scottish Premier League…

Two transfer rumours n the go at the moment. Will Arsene Wenger resign Thierry Henry on loan for two months? Personally I think he should. He’s training at The Emirates anyway, so why not use him. The man now has a statue outside the ground, I’d get the use out of him for a few games. The man has great experience for the youngsters and I reckon he’d bang a few goals in aswell. Just the presence in the dressing room must be great for the likes of Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsay to respect and look up to.

The other rumour is the possibility of AC Milan forward Pato joining the now rich Paris St Germain. This rumour is only in its infant stages, but it could pan out in the January transfer window. I think its going to be quite an interesting transfer period with many big names being knocked about. Where will Higuain and Kaka be heading?, will Fernando Torres be leaving Chelsea at a very knocked down rate? and what lies in store for Manchester United who desperately need a top quality creative midfielder. Wesley Sneijder anyone?…again.

We drew? FFS. Facepalm!

So many questions and we have to wait a month to get all of the answers, the tension for the rest of the season begins to mount now folks so get ready for an exciting finish. What I can say with a lot of confidence is that Chelsea won’t be claiming their next league title this year. Their failure to beat poor teams in recent games just compounds the fact that the team just isn’t ready for domination yet. Give it time though 😉

More next week I promise. Hopefully we can have some great excitement over the New Year and I can give you some more thoughts about on and off the pitch matters. Thanks for reading.