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Time for a new movie review I think. I actually have another to do after this one, but I shall post it in a day or so. I have seen all of the Final Destination films now, and this latest effort – number five in the series – is another movie for you to get the popcorn out, and enjoy a bit of gore and some crazy deaths for an hour and a half.

I didn’t hold out much hope for this one. I really enjoyed the first two, but three and four were extremely disappointing. This fifth installment however, was surprisingly enjoyable. The opening title are obviously a 3Dfest for the cinemas and recounts many of the methods of death from the previous films. Its a similar idea to the X-Ray sequence at the start of the fourth film, but this is done much better; very Bond-esque my wife stated. After this we get straight into the story with a group from a paper company embarking on a team building exercise. The main character Sam, played by Nicholas D’Agosto who some of you will remember as West from Heroes, has himself a vision that a bridge is going to collapse and many of his friends and colleague are going to die horrible and nasty deaths. The rest of the film is the same concept as the others, but its done to much more effect and more professionally this time around I think.

The special effects are the usual standard for a film of this kind with less actual gore and fake blood being used than CGI, but they’re decent all the same. There are some pretty gruesome deaths in this movie and you can see them all coming, but it doesn’t spoil it really and the story moves on pretty quickly afterwards so you don’t get bored with the movie. There is a pretty nifty twist that came to me just as it was happening and you realise what is going on and I liked that about the film.

One of the highlights of the film was the return of horror legend Tony Todd as the coroner and it gave the movie a bit of a lift in terms of quality. The acting wasn’t too bad overall and you get what you expect. I give it a decent 6/10 which is a big improvement on the previous two movies and back on track. I don’t know if there are going to be any more films in the franchise, we will just have to see. Here is the trailer for you to have a look at. Enjoy. =)