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Its Sunday, and its my long-awaited day off, although this week has been a mixture of good and bad for me. The week started off ok and work was as busy as can be expected, but manageable all the same, then on Wednesday morning I got up for work as usual, but really felt terrible. My head was pounding and my throat was definitely swollen. The worst was the pain across my shoulders and neck that has only just subsided. I went back to work again on Friday to a bomb site. There is now an unbelievable amount of mail and packets to deliver, but I am sure we will get through it. Things seem to be going quite smoothly at the moment with people actually helping out to get things delivered rather than sticking their heads in the sand, that always makes a difference. Happy days.

So what else apart from work? Oh yes, its been snowing here overnight and Aberdeen now has a nice Christmassy feel about it. Of course I now have to go out and clean off the car and go to Asda on slippery roads, so I get the feeling my happy mood may not last so long with idiot drivers on the road alongside me. I like driving in the snow though, its quite fun as long as you don’t overdo it.

I watched one of the funniest parodies I have seen in a long time the other night, Star Wars Robot Chicken. I had seen some of it before in single clips, but the whole things was very funny indeed. It was created by Seth Green and loads of people have done voice-overs for it aswell. Comparing Robot Chicken with the Family Guy Star Wars parodies, the chicken gets it every time in my opinion. Well worth a watch if you get the chance. It’s basically a sketch show for Star Wars geeks with some of the funniest jokes and ordinary situations for the characters to find themselves in, for example the Emperor going to the hairdressers.

So we are now back from our Asda shop with lots of nice goodies for munching on and I am sure we will get some more as presents, so a fun time should be had in the 3 days I am not at work over Christmas. Between then and now might be a mountain to move delivering cards and parcels to waiting customers, but I have been quite cheery about it this year.

Xander really enjoyed watching The Snowman, as did I. Its a film I hadn’t seen for years even though it is just a half hour short. Its still as powerful as it ever was and the music is some of the best written and it tells the story beautifully. We all know the Aled Jones version of the song “Walking In The Air“, but lets not forget that he didn’t sing it in the film, it was in fact Peter Auty although he wasn’t credited with it until the remastered version of the film released in 2002. Anyway, Xander loves it and it’ll probably be on today again at some point.

Well, I’ve whittered on long enough now, so enjoy your weekends and have a safe week until Santa comes. Bye!