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Time for a preview of a few movies that I really want to see before long. They aren’t out yet, but they are on their way very soon. So what do I have on my hotlist for you? Well, I have an adventure sequel, a political drama, and a Shakespeare tragedy. An interesting assortment I think you’ll agree.

As I get older, I find myself moving away from the easy to watch, brainless movies that I used to watch all the time. Yes, I still occasionally watch them, but to a much lesser extent. Drama seems to be my thing at the moment and I think this first preview looks fantastic.

I have a feeling that The Iron Lady is going to be next year’s The King’s Speech at the Oscars in February. It is the political biography of Britain’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. One of the world’s most hated leader by the people, but had a meteoric rise to power through sheer will and determination and I think she certainly proved her point, it’s just a shame she was a Conservative really isn’t it? lol. This film goes into everything, from becoming an MP to the Falklands War to her political relationship with Ronald Reagan and her ultimate demise from frontline politics in a society that had simply had enough of her. Meryl Streep plays the lead in this and I think she is going to get a nomination for this one with a huge chance of winning aswell.

Next up is a Shakespeare tragedy set against the backdrop of a modern day Rome. Coriolanus is a fantastic tragedy that better even the likes of Romeo and Juliet in my opinion. I remember reading the original play year’s ago, but this adaptation looks fantastic. Directed and starring Ralph Fiennes who plays Coriolanus, he is pitted against Gerard Butler who takes on the part of Tullus Aufidius, I sadly think this one might get overlooked by the Oscars, but I definitely want to see it because the trailer looks great. The movie also boasts such stars as Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox, James Nesbit and Jessica Chastain who seems to be pretty busy lately. See what you think…

Lastly today, a film that looks really entertaining without you having to take your Oscar head with you. Guy Ritchie’s highly anticipated Sherlock Holmes sequel Sherlock Homes 2 : A Game Of Shadows, certainly looks like it could be even better than the original movie. Starring once again as Holmes is Robert Downey Jnr who is up against his old adversary Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) for another battle of wits. Joining Holmes is Jude Law as Dr. Watson who in this movie finds love and will have to risk all to help his friend Holmes defeat the evil mastermind Moriarty. It looks like a rip-roaring story from the trailer full of action, adventure and really wild things. I hope the movie lives up to its current hype. Here is the trailer:

So are there any films that you want to see that are coming out soon? Leave them in your comments below, perhaps we share a similar taste in movies? Thanks for reading, reviews on these movies are certain once I have seen them all, so watch out for them in the coming months.