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Time for some more web video gems for you to have a look at. I am trying to stay away from the Christmas ones for this meme, but if you want to post up some then feel free.

This week, I am going science fiction. Its an easy genre to to a lot with in terms of comedy, music or technology. So lets have one of each of those subjects shall we?

First up is comedy. One of my favourite web videos are the Dayjob Orchestra overdubs, but as I have done that already, I shall choose another movie franchise that has been parodied – Star Wars. Robot Chicken is an American animation programme that I should really have a look at very soon. I didn’t realise when I first saw this that it was those guys. Enjoy this…

Our second topic was science fiction music. Lets see, where can I go with this. Doctor Who springs to mind here and although I love the tunes from the actual programmes, I sometimes like to find something different and being a guitar fan that’s always an easy one to look for, so here is a rock version of the Doctor Who theme performed by Brian Rimmer (whom I don’t don’t know, I just thought I’d name check him). I think this is great.

Lastly today, lets have a look at a cool technology video. Car vs plane, or to be more precise, Bugatti Veyron vs Tornado jet. I loved this segment of the Top Gear programme when it was aired and I was just sitting there watching and willing the car to win! The technology in this car is simply amazing but is it as good as a jet fighter’s? lets see if he wins this time…

So come on then folks, lets see if you can give me a great science fiction web video that you think I will like. Enjoy and thanks for reading.