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Its back to me this week following Nicole’s choice of topic last week on her The Madlab Post blog. It was fun trying to recall some great payback movies and I think there were some great choices last week.

I am stealing the big one for the year. Christmas is only two weeks away now and I figured what better way to start off my week’s blog posts with our favourite Christmas movies. This can be anything to do with the festive time of year, serious, comedy, dark, whatever you like. This should be fun and I have some crackers for you to kick us off. Enjoy taking part and let your friends know about it.

My first choice has to be a film I wrote about some time ago for another blog a few months ago. Gremlins is often seen as a horror/creature feature, but most people forget that it is actually a Christmas movie first and foremost. A great story and some pretty good special effects for its time. My wife might shout at me for stealing this one, but its my blog so I get first dibs, lol. I like this movie and when my son is a little older he will be introduced to it. I must get a hold of it again, its been years since I saw it.

Second on my list is a Bill Murray classic. Scrooged was a modern take on the classic tale of A Christmas Carol featuring a cynical TV executive who is mean a selfish and just like the original story is visited by three spirits to make him realise what his life is like and change his ways before it is too late for him. The dark humour was a winning formula that would make Groundhog Day so successful five years later. Another film I haven’t seen for years and I perhaps one for the list soon. I think that Bill Murray’s work has seriously gone downhill as he has tried to take on more serious roles, but for me, he was at his best here and the likes of Ghostbusters. Stick to what you’re best at I say Bill.

Lastly from me, and its no surprise really is the classic action film that made Bruce Willis a household name in Hollywood movies, Die Hard. The original movie is still the best, but its next two sequels were actually pretty good. (I’m going to ignore the fourth installment because it was rubbish). Set on Christmas Eve, Detective John McClane gets himself caught up in the hijacking of a Los Angeles office skyscraper by terrorists; the leader of which is played by the great Alan Rickman and he does it so well. Ok, so it’s loosely a Christmas movie, but its on the 24th so it counts – meh 😉 The second movie was also set on Christmas Eve the following year so I give it a notable mention here. Not as good as the first, but still a decent watch. I would recommend them to action fans.

So there are plenty of famous movies for you all to choose from for this week’s meme. Enjoy the topic and choices and don’t forget to visit others’ blogs. Thanks for reading.