I came across this idea at The Madlab Post, a blog written by Nicole who I have shared many a movie thought with in recent weeks. I fancied having a go at the movie review in 140 words or less which is an idea brought to you by Writercise, and I figured that while Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 wasn’t a film I would review for my own purposes, I shall do it here because I reckon I can give it the slating that it deserves in 140 words, so here goes…
“I saw the original movie and hated it. My wife who has read the books has watched all of the films to date and I had the misfortune to see the latest pile of drivel. The story is simple, vampire loves human, werewolf loves human, human eventually chooses and marries vampire, werewfolf is jealous – especially when human gets pregnant, starts getting eaten from the inside out and drinks blood to sustain herself and baby. Human dies while giving birth and is turned into a vampire…ooohhhh red eyes! In between times, there is the usual vampire versus werewolf bickering, and some weird doctor vampire who looks like a freak, not to mention the other vampire whose head is half the size it should be for his body… So in conclusion, the movie is utter rubbish. Wooden, plotless, not one I would recommend.” – The word count is 140 words exactly.

Thanks for reading =)