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Morning Smurf fans! Another week closer to Christmas and its all go go go. Last week saw a busy time at Royal Mail with me not finishing my job until 1630 hours one day delivering packets. Phew! I didn’t get home until teatime, it was dark when I left for work in the morning and dark when I got home, a long day indeed. Still, the money will be handy.

We had some atrocious weather here aswell with very high winds. The experts were saying anything up to 165mph in some parts of Scotland. There was quite a lot of damage in Aberdeen itself with some cars being damaged by falling walls and even some of the Christmas lights on the main street collapsing aswell.

Last Sunday, we purchased a new Christmas tree. Its been something we’ve meant to do for a couple of years now and have never got around to it, but I got a great deal on a tree and spent a couple of hours putting it together and decorating it. Xander likes to help and although he hasn’t got the hang of putting things on the tree properly yet (although I’m sure next year he’ll master that one), he seemed happy with what he was doing. He likes it when it’s switched on best though and I get the feeling this Christmas is one he is actually looking forward to. I hope you like the tree in all 6 feet of its glory. This week I am driving down to Kinross to meet the in laws halfway from Northumberland to do the yearly Christmas present exchange. We had planned to spend the weekend down the road, but what with work pulling all my strings in different directions at the moment, it just wasn’t practical to do it. So instead a compromise was reached and I should be down and back in a few hours.

I got my Christmas present to myself this week. Finally, a new tattoo! I’ve been wanting one for ages and if I had the money I would just get covered, but they’re so damned expensive. Groupon had a deal on from a relatively new tattooist in Aberdeen called Michael Da Bear and it was simply an offer I couldn’t turn down. I knew what I wanted and so arranged an appointment for Friday afternoon to get it inked. I am very happy with the result and its healing up very nicely. Its something that means the world to me and Xander was just as happy with it, lol. He was very excited to see it when I got back. Here is the final result.

So that’s pretty much it for this week. I know Monday is going to be a really busy day with late mail arriving following the high winds and its that bit more closer to Christmas. It means plenty overtime I guess, so I shouldn’t grumble too much. I have in fact been quite cheerful this year about the whole Christmas period which isn’t usually my favourite time of the year, but I’m getting better 😉 See you all next week, remember to like the Smurfin’ The Web Facebook page ——>