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Well last week was the first chance for this new weekly feature and I will give it another go this week to see how it goes. I introduced you all to Dayjob Orchestra and Fenton last Wednesday, so lets see what I can dig up for you guys today shall I?

I am a big fan of mashups (a song which comprises two or more songs spliced together to make a completely new track). I have even attempted to make some of these myself that have been alright too. I do go on the hunt now and again for some good ones but I also like the unusual as long as they fit.

So we think James Brown and Led Zeppelin will just sound awful right? Two completely different styles of music. I know, that’s what I thought aswell, but this track sounds great and you should give it a listen. Just something I found on the good old Interweb.

Next from me is something that my son Xander loved when he was very little. Taking The Hobbits To Isengaard. He just used to watch it a laugh like crazy at it. It is pretty funny and putting the rave music style to the Lord of the Rings music is clever. Here it is now for your enjoyment. I’m sure it had had more views than this though…

Last today is a video that Xander has started watching after I went looking for it. Hes actually learning it aswell and is loving The Muppets now too, but hey, whats not to love about The Muppets? This was recorded many years ago with John Denver and I remember listening to it when I was a small boy aswell. This version of the 12 Days Of Christmas is my favourite one and its also one of my most loved Christmas songs aswell.

So lets have some of your web videos. Funny, amazing or whatever. Everybody loves them. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy these videos this week. More next week.