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Firstly, Wicked Wednesday is on a temporary hiatus. I thought I would try something a little different for a while and see how it went. With the popularity of “tube” sites, you know the thing, all those website that offer free videos of just about anything you like. Funny videos, amazing videos and of course animals doing silly things. Youtube, Daily Motion, Metacafe and the like are all popular and every now and again we get served with something that goes “viral”. A term that it used to describe a video that suddenly makes it big across the web and everyone is watching.

An example of this would be “Charlie Bit My Finger“. I think most folk have seen that one by now. So anyway, each week in my new meme which I am calling Web Video Wednesday, the aim is to post up a video that you have found during the week that you think is either brilliant, funny, amazing, clever or just downright stupid and that you think it should be viral if it’s not already.

So for my first one, I am going to post up a video that I thought was so funny the first time I saw it, the tears were literally streaming down my face. Dayjob Orchestra are actually a progressive rock band, but take a little time out to have some fun dubbing over tv shows and news clips. Star Trek: The Next Generation is their speciality and this video entitled “I’m A Big Chocolate Slut” is possibly their finest effort. They manage to match the mouth with new words so well you think that’s what it really should be. Enjoy it now and caution – naughty words, drug and sexual reference is abundant here 😉

Ok, because this is the first meme of this kind here on Smurfin’ The Web, I shall give you another video to get you into the swing of things. I don’t know why this next one is funny, it just is. I have a feeling its the situation rather than the content, but the posh guy shouting his dog’s name “Fenton” is so ridiculous its funny. This one is a big hit already across the net.

So let’s have your videos. They can be anything, no porn here though thank you, they will be deleted. Funny, amazing, clever or educational is good also. Have some fun with this one. You can post up to 2 maximum per week.