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Its my turn again folks following Nicole at The Madlab Post‘s appetising topic last week about cooking. This week I thought I would slow the pace a little and discuss some literary delights.

What’s The Story?

Recently my 3 year old son has begun to watch some more grown up films. Now I’m not talking the likes of A Few Good Men or Lord Of The Rings here, but more the family type movie that we watched when we were younger. I have found that The Muppets creator Jim Hensen has been great and Xander is loving quite a few of this type of movie. Most of those movies from the mid 80s were fantasy based and usually involved a book or quest of some kind which was great for a kid’s imagination.

So this week I ask – what are some of your favourite movies that feature a book in the story. Not a film based on a book, I must make this clear. You will see from my choices what I mean exactly.

My first choice is The NeverEnding Story. My son loves this film and has watched it many times in recent weeks. I think the blend of fantasy, adventure and creatures is a really good one. The use of the puppets makes the darker elements of the film much more accessible to younger children and takes away the scariness of them. I remember watching the film as a kid and enjoying it agin with my own son is a really nice thing for us to do together. He sings the theme song that was a hit for Limahl and its one of the few films that he will actually just sit and watch.

Second from me is The Ninth Gate. Its a good supernatural thriller about a rare book dealer (Johnny Depp) who is contracted to seek out two copies of a book which contains text of lets say an unnatural kind including drawings which may bring forth the end of the world and give life to the antichrist. I liked the story and its a twisting turning tale that keeps you guessing until all is revealed at the end. A relatively small cast, this Roman Polanski movie is definitely one to watch if you get the chance and enjoy working out some clues along the way.

Last from me and its not the one I wanted to use, I think my wife may steal that honour, is Murder Of Crows. This is another thriller movie in which Cuba Gooding Jnr plays an aspiring writer and disbarred lawyer, Lawson Russell, who is given a manuscript by a man he meets by chance. This man then dies and Russell claims credit for the book which is then published. When lawyers that appear in his book start getting murdered in real life, Russell gets arrested for the crimes and he has to try an prove his innocence. Its been quite a few years since I saw this movie but I remember it to be a good thriller at the time. I like Cuba Gooding Jnr and this was a lead role for him for a nice change. Not a huge success for the movie but I guess it paid the rent for a while. If you can find it, give it a watch.

So I know there are more out there and it would be fun to read your choices for this week. Come and have a go and remember to visit other blogs for theirs. Thanks for reading. Have fun =)