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Not a remake, but an origin story. Set before the 1982 version of The Thing by John Carpenter this new 2011 movie tell us the story of what happened before Kurt Russell and Co went to Antarctica. I do quite like films that give us part of the back story to a successful movie and this one is no exception.

The movie begins with a discovery under the ice and the subsequent recruitment of scientist Kate Lloyd played here by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. When they find an occupant of the craft encased in ice and take it back to the research station there is much to celebrate until strange things start to happen and the thing escapes.

The format of the movie is similar to its very successful predecessor and we start to feel suspicious of everyone in the team. That, coupled with being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no apparent contact to the outside world the group have to discover who is who and with an alien that can completely replicate it victims, that is not always the easiest thing to do.

The special effects are pretty decent and there are some very good moments that make you think, “uurgh, that’s pretty gross” which is what a movie like this should do and everyone remembers the “spider-head” from the old movie. The new film doesn’t copy those moments, but the ideas are similar and have the desired effect on us. Its the right length and not too slow. It doesn’t take long to get to the action and I certainly didn’t feel bored while watching. Overall, I don’t think its as good as the old film, but the stories are linked very well and the flow between the two movies is nice. The sets have been faithfully recreated aswell which is a nice touch aswell and the toes of Carpenter’s film are certainly not stepped on to make a quick buck here.

So all in all, if I consider everything in the movie, I give this new movie a 6.5/10 and would recommend it to those who like the 1982 film which I may have to watch again now to familiarise myself with what happened next. Here is the trailer: