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Sunday once again – they come round fast don’t they? This week makes it exactly four weeks until Christmas. Most people who know me should know that its not my favourite time of the year. Work is always hectic, and I get little time to do much else and enjoy it the way I would like to. On top of that, the shops, TV and radio start plugging stuff for Christmas far too early and decorations are up in October and by the time it eventually comes around, I’m just tired of the whole damn thing. Maybe if I had more time, I wouldn’t mind so much, but that’s the life of a postman I guess.

Speaking of which, the first paragraph of last weeks Easy Like Sunday Morning was brought to my attention by certain senior members of staff who decided it would be quite clever to ask me to plan Christmas pressure for them seeing as I made negative comments about last year’s time. I would like to clarify some points.

  • Firstly, this is my blog and as I state in the comment policy (if they had bothered to read it), these are my opinions and thoughts and are not meant maliciously or to belittle anyone. If you don’t want to read it, then walk on by. This blog is how I vent frustration and deal with the stress in my life. Now and again I have a whine.
  • Second, I at no time mentioned that I wanted to plan the Christmas working schedule, I merely stated my dismay and frustration at how poorly everyone performed last year. Mail was left and not delivered, packets were left and not delivered (even until after Christmas) meaning that many kids wouldn’t have received gifts on Christmas Day. It would be nice if Santa did do it all, but he DOES need our help aswell 😉 So when someone comes out with a smartass comment regarding my blog, it doesn’t go down too well when all they had to do was place a comment on here. Of course, it was because of the actions of a tell tale that comments were made in the first place which I find rather sad.
  • I have made a couple of suggestions regarding this year, but whether or not they are taken on board will remain to be seen, we seem to be none the wiser as to what exactly is happening and as I said before, it doesn’t look very good so far and the mail is picking up very quickly now. Hopefully the powers that be can get it sorted and we will all know where we stand and understand the procedures for this year more easily. Lessons to be learned for next year I think.

So anyway, now that I have had my gripe, I will see if this gets back to me in some way or another. On a much lighter note, I have another few movie reviews for you to read, Paranormal Activity 3 has been published already and I will have The Debt and The Thing (2011) up later on.

Lastly today, I will leave you with a couple of pictures from today’s outing to Asda. The Coca Cola truck was there today. You know the one from the adverts – “Holidays Are Coming” blah blah. Its pretty big and we had to queue to stand next to it to get a photo or two. Xander was loving it though and was great waiting his turn and I could see the excitement building as it got closer to our turn. So here are the pics. We are off to see the Christmas Tree lights get switched on in town later so hopefully he’ll like that aswell. Enjoy your Sunday folks.