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After seeing the previous two Paranormal Activity movies very recently, I managed to get around to seeing the third installment, creatively entitled Paranormal Activity 3. I really liked the first two films and was looking forward to this one and the trailer looked pretty good.

The film is once more a prequel movie like the second one and is set even further back when Katie and Kristy were just little girls and the demon first started visiting them. This was told in the other movies so we knew about this beforehand. We learn a little more about the demon, but not why it is there to begin with.

So getting an insight into the lives of the girls and their mother filled in quite a bit of the story. Julie (Lauren Bittner) has a boyfriend who is really good as a surrogate father to the girls and he has a wedding video business with his friend Randy. Dennis attempts to make a sex tape with Julie one night, but are interrupted by an earthquake and when Dennis reviews the footage the next day he sees an interesting incident with a ghostly figured shrouded in dust from the earthquake so he decides to set up some cameras around the house to try and capture the figure again.

Its now a familiar format and it still works in this film. What I would say about it is that the stand out moments that we are all waiting for are just not as good as in the previous films. I thought it was a little slow aswell and it just didn’t have the oomph that the other films had. One thing that I also should mention is that while the film has been a success, it has also caused a bit of backlash with fans which I agree with. The trailer (see below) shows a number of scenes that do not appear in the actual movie. I found this very disappointing and I can only assume that there may be a different version of the film on the DVD when is is released. That would be a logical explanation for the major differences, and I think they are major.

That said, I did like it, just not as much as the other two movies and I have to mark it down to a 5/10. It didn’t scare me and the big “jump” moments didn’t have the hairs on my arms sticking up this time. Here is the trailer, check it out and have a look at the film on DVD when its released. I may watch it again then just to see if there are any changes.