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I think this is the first movie I have seen since the downfall of the old Iraqi regime and I thought there would be many more in all honesty. A relatively small production which tell the story of Uday Hussein, the eldest son of dictator Saddam. Uday’s reign of terror over the people of Iraq was certainly a terrible one and many crimes against humanity were committed. During the mid 80s and early 90s Uday forced a man named Latif Yahia to be his body double. Latif wrote a book telling his story called The Devil’s Double and this film tells that story.

Dominic Cooper is an actor whose name is not that well known but has appeared some more well known films, the most recent of which was Captain America – The First Avenger. He does a very good job of playing two roles in this new movie and you get a very good insight into what life was like for those in power in Iraq in the 80s. Playing two polar opposites of character must be quite a difficult thing to do and Cooper will definitely get more work off the back of this film.

The film is quite graphic in parts with some bloody violence, but I don’t think is gratuitous like something you would see in a Tarantino movie, it does serve a purpose; to make you completely despise this man more than you do already just from who he was. You hate this man and want him to get whats coming to him. We all know what did happen in the end, but we do see what sort of bastard he actually was in between times.

I liked the film. It has been a complete flop though and its disappointing that the film hasn’t done well. Perhaps the film industry isn’t quite ready for post Iraq war dramas just yet and we will have to wait longer for all the rest of them to come trotting along with all the big name stars in. Until then, this one will have to fill the void in the market and I would recommend it to fans of war or biographical films. I give it a 6.5/10 and here’s the trailer.