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Ok horror fans, its time for the second Wicked Wednesday in its new format. Each week I shall post up a question or a thought and ask you to participate with your own ideas and thoughts on the chosen topic. This is a horror themed meme, so I shall endeavour to keep it interesting.

That Child Is A Little Horror!

After my own son was very trying tonight and pushing all those buttons that you hate being pushed I figured I would ask – who are the best child horror characters in film history?

I have to start this one with Damien from The Omen series of films. Originally played by Harvey Stephens way back in 1976, the character is certainly a chilling one. The antichrist says very little but some of the looks he gives are some of the most terrifying filmed for horror. The franchise had four films before getting canned, but was brought back to life in 2006 when Damien was reborn (excuse the pun) in a reboot starring Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick who was brilliant as Damien. I’ll give you the trailer of the remake to prove my point.

Second from me I think are the Children Of The Corn. Their leader Isaac, a boy preacher goes to a town and convinces all the children to murder all of the adults. Wicked stuff eh? Made back in 1984, the first movie starred Linda Hamilton – yes, Sarah Connor…- and along with her husband, she finds herself trapped in the very same town with no hope of escape from these terrible toddlers (well ok, not all of them are toddlers, lol). The tale was a Stephen King short story and yet again he provided Hollywood with a hit movie. Here is the trailer:

So lets have your suggestions, I know there is one major character that I haven’t mentioned, I think I’ll leave that one for someone else =)