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Time for the weekly family catchup from me. Its been a nice week off work, but the thought of going back to a month of Christmas mail is certainly a daunting one. This will be my 9th Christmas period at Royal Mail and they have steadily got worse and worse. Last year was a huge disaster, partly due to the weather, but the lack of organisation by Royal Mail at all levels was unbelievable. With the introduction and subsequent cock up of the implementation of the new “2 men in a van” duties, I fear for this year’s deliveries and there will be many disappointed children on Christmas morning yet again. All I can do it work my hours and decide how much overtime I am willing to do.

We are having a visit today from Xander’s Auntie Leni and Uncle Matt today which should be nice, and as I write this they have just arrived, lol. So lunchtime beckons with cupcakes to follow that Kell has kindly made. Xander has decided that he doesn’t want any lunch, which means hes just being a pain lol.

On the positive side, I discovered that Apple are doing a replacement programme for faulty 1st Generation iPod Nanos. Apparently there is a problem with the batteries overheating, so I raked mine out and discovered that it qualifies for a replacement, as does Kell’s one. So we will be getting two new iPods for free. The funny thing is, we never used them anyway. It will be interesting to see what it is swapped with. The general view is that it will just be a refurbished 1st Gen, but I don’t thin that there can be too many of those lying around at Apple these days, so a later model will be good.

Big game on later as Liverpool visit Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. I’m hoping for a home win otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it tomorrow at work. The way things are going for both teams at the moment, I foresee a bore draw, but I’ll be watching online anyway and hoping for the best.

So that’s pretty much it this week, I lead such an exciting life don’t I? I’ll leave you with a picture of some work Xander and I did yesterday with his cars. Enjoy and thanks for reading.