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Yes I know, its been a while since this weekly feature. I promise to be more punctual and regular. (Well that’s what it says on the Immodium box). This week, I thought I would give you a review of a movie that I’ve been meaning to see for some time. The Last Rites Of Ransom Pride is set in the Old West and tells the story of a woman, Juliette Flowers (Lizzy Caplan), who is trying to bring her outlaw lover home for burial. There are those that do not want this to happen and will stop at nothing to make sure she doesn’t succeed in keeping the promise she kept to Ransom Pride who is played here by Scott Speedman.

I came across the trailer for this movie a couple of months ago on one of my trailer trawling missions (another of which I am due for) and liked the look of it; partly because I like a good Western from time to time, and also because its full of people that I have either heard of such as Dwight Yoakam (a country singer) and Jason Priestley (a former actor), and also that it has some people in it that I actually like; Kris Kristofferson (legend), Peter Dinklage (the short person from Game Of Thrones) and the lovely Cote de Pablo (a former Mossad agent in NCIS).

Now the story is pretty simple but like any Western, a simple story can turn into a complicated one on the turn of a gun barrel and this happens frequently in this movie. There is no regard for life, everyone is in it to make a quick buck and there are never any winners. I suppose its pretty true to life back then, lol. Its a decent watch and performed adequately I think we can say here. We are not talking awards here, but I’ve seen them given for less in all honesty.

The film wasn’t made on a huge budget, just $8M, but its used to good effect, and in truth, most of it probably went on the actors anyway. Most of the screen time is Lizzy Caplan and Jon Foster, but the small appearances by everyone else are very good and set the film off nicely.

Coming in at an hour and twenty two minutes long, its not going to take a whole evening out of your life if you don’t like the movie, but it did appear to be longer than that in reality. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not, but it does draw you in and I found myself watching only the TV during the film rather than looking up every now and again which is sometimes what happens with a film I haven’t seen before. I’m going to give this film a solid 6/10. Its not the greatest movie ever made, but Western fans might enjoy the setting and the story is decent. I guess you could even watch it for Mr. Kristofferson and that uncontrollable urge you get to sing “Convoy” every time hes on the screen, but you can do that with any film he appears in, lol. Anyway, heres the trailer, see what you think. Thanks for stopping by.