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Time for a new movie review now that I’ve actually got around to watching a new movie. Tonight’s cinematic delight is a gritty legal drama called Puncture. This is a movie that hasn’t had a lot of fanfare and I think it may become one of those movies that gets forgotten about and that is a little unfortunate. Its pretty good.

Chris Evans (Captain America remember?) plays a lawyer (Mike Weiss) who works with his partner Paul Danziger, played here by Mark Kassen basically chasing ambulances as injury attorneys. We have all seen the adverts right? When a former nurse who comes to them to try and get safety needles sold to all hospitals, Weiss feels compelled to take the case on behalf of the inventor of the needle who has been ignored by every hospital supplier he has contacted. Why would they turn down a product that is proven to save lives? Mike Weiss has his own drug demons to battle with while attempting to take on this giant in the medical supplies world.

It was nice to see Evans take on a different kind of role. We have seen him do the action superhero gig, and although he will still be doing that, diversifying like this into a serious legal drama is a brave step. He is still up and coming in Hollywood as an A lister, but this movie definitely puts him a further step up the rung. He makes a really good job of this movie that is based on true events and he could become another version of Tom Cruise with hs versatility.

As a fan of this type of movie I would liken it to Erin Brockovich in its style and I think it had been crammed full of big stars it would have got much more press and we would probably be talking about it in terms of Oscars, but this is not the case. Personally, I give it a 7/10 and fans of legal dramas should see it before it disappears completely. Here is the trailer that first got my attention. Give it a shot.