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A change of format commences today for Wicked Wednesday. I will now be asking questions rather than a movie review. It will allow me to do movie reviews of horror movies in general rather than having to wait until a Wednesday. It also lets you, my readers join in with the blog aswell. So where shall I start?

Its Alive!

Everyone loves a good monster in a horror movie, so lets discuss some great “creature feature” movies. Soooo many to choose from here we can go wild!

First for me has to be the classic Dracula movies. The charming vampire has been played so many times and in thousands of films, but I have to say that one of my favourite versions is the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola Oscar winner Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A great cast and although Keanu Reeves’ English accent is appalling, the film is excellent and the lead performance by Gary Oldman is simply stunning, in both makeup and not. Unfortunately, the film didn’t get the success it clearly deserved in terms of awards, but the box office loved it!

Next up? well you can’t go wrong with a good alien movie and I’m picking a sequel here in James Cameron’s Aliens. The original movie was good, but for me I preferred the more action packed follow up. Sigourney Weaver returned as Ripley and pulled the movie off. Its a good blend of action, science fiction and horror and as a creature feature its a stand out success story in the genre. The effects were excellent for its time and of course the movie contains one fo the best lines in cinema history: “get away from her you BITCH!” who doesn’t know that line?

Ok, before I steal all the good ones and every type of creature ever invented, I shall turn the floor over to you guys. What are your favourite creature feature movies. Leave your choices below and share. Remember to check other blogs and spread the fun. =)