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Welcome along to another Tuesday Tunes. Each week I will post up a new subject involving music and all you have to do is post a comment in my blog or if you have your own blog, link back to my blog. I hope you enjoy it and join in. Leave your choices in the comments box below, thanks.

Comeback Kings

Are there any bands that you are glad have made a comeback, or are there any that you wish hadn’t?

I listened through Duran Duran’s latest album “All You Need Is Now” yesterday, and I have to say that I am very impressed. Although they never really “split” as such, they did disappear for a few years before the single “Ordinary World” propelled them back to the big time. Since then, they have slowly got the original lineup back together and although the band have not had huge chart success, the following has certainly remained and I would say they are just as popular as they once were in the 80s. Here is one the tracks off the new album called “Girl Panic!” See if you can spot the old Duran Duran songs in there.

Secondly, I think one of the biggest comebacks in recent history was the reformation of 90s boy band Take That. After Robbie Williams left the group the rest of the boys didn’t last much longer after that and the breakup caused devastation among teenage girls across the globe. When in 2005, an official press conference announced that the post Williams lineup was going on tour in 2006, the world was set alight once more and their comeback single was a huge success. Since then after 3 albums and the controversial rejoining of the band by Robbie Williams, the group are have some of the best success in the history. Here is there massive comeback hit “Patience

Lastly from me – The Eagles. Their breakup lasted a whopping 14 years before in 2004 they announced a comeback tour named Hell Freezes Over. Glenn Frey stated at the first concert of that tour that “they never broke up, they just took a 14 year vacation” A nice sentiment, but I think this was one of the most anticipated reunions in music history. There have been more since, but I think that this version of their classic “Hotel California” shows that some bands are just not meant to break up and the talent is there for all to see as a collective group. Each member of the group of course had successful solo careers, but I think as a band there are at their best.

So let me know what your favourite comebacks are. Or are you the opposite and wish that some bands that have made it back hadn’t? Post your comments below and have fun with it. Thanks for reading.