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Something a little different this week. Instead of setting you a question I am instead going to introduce you to something that I discovered on the good old Interweb yesterday.

They are called Animusic and quite simply it is pieces of music set to computer animation. what sets these apart from anything else I have seen is the sheer ingenuity of the sequences. Some of the animation looks very accurate in terms of how the notes look to be played on stringed instruments.

There are also sequences that are quite steampunk in style and they look fantastic, as do the futuristic ones. Anyway, I start with the one I saw first which is a guitar based animation with some nice gentle music.

Secondly is a futuristic piece with an animation that uses light as the medium to play the instruments. I think this is my favourite as it is just so cleverly done. See what you think. Xander really enjoys this one and was humming along pretty quickly.

Lastly is one that is once again very clever in how the instruments are played; using balls to tap the pads and make the music. What is also good about this one is that there is no mess, all the balls are neatly taken away from the area of play and probably used again. If only this could be done in real life, THAT would be something to see.

I hope you enjoyed these videos. It always amazes me what people are capable of and this is no exception. What a truly wonderful live show this would make if it could be recreated without the aid of computers. Enjoy!