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Well, we successfully managed to get through another Guy Fawkes Night without any drama. I’ve never really been a fan of it. Don’t get me wrong, I like fireworks, but I believe that they should not be available for the general public to buy. In these days of “disengaged youth”, they like nothing better than to buy a load of – lets face it – homemade explosives and decide to set them off in the street without knowing where they are going to go. Simply said its downright dangerous and these folks have no regard for anyone’s safety, or indeed their own.Just two years ago, the car next to mine in the car park outside was set on fire due to a firework prank. Thankfully, we have had no problems this year. Next stop Christmas…

So whats on the menu today? The usual I’m afraid. Asda, then cleaning up a little bit. There isn’t any motor racing on today so I guess it’ll be a day of family films. We currently have Wall E on the box just now. I do like this one and don’t see it that often so thats good. I’m sure any of you parents out there will understand when I say that there are only so many times you can watch some films. I like Cars, but it really is getting a bit tired now. Xander loves it though, but he has a good selection of stuff on our media player.

Next week at work will be a long one as I am working my day off on Tuesday, so it’ll be 6 straight days of deliveries. Things are starting to pick up at work aswell and with Christmas looming, it is only going to get busier. Thankfully though, I have the week after next to get ready as I am off for a week on holiday. We aren’t going anywhere, but we will be able to get a visit in to my Mum & Dad before Santa’s visit. Speaking of which..

Xander is beginning to understand what Christmas is all about and has actually asked for something from Santa. He doesn’t want to meet Santa though, he’s still a bit shy about that, but give it time, he might come around and certainly by next year I think he’ll be much more willing to just meet people and do new things without causing a national disaster. So I guess its time to wake up Kell and stick the kettle on for some coffee. Enjoy your weekend readers.

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