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As I sit here watching yet another boring Grand Prix, I can’t help thinking that the sport needs a complete overhaul. The pundits are banging on hee about Vettel being possibly one of the best drivers ever. I wonder if you stuck a manual gearbox in the car would he be raved about like this? I want to see some amazing new design of car aerodynamics and a move away from the computerization of Formula 1 driving. Of course it won’t happen and next season will just be another Vettelfest. Yawn, how dull.

So Kell is in the kitchen making cakes, mmmm. Xander is playing with his new bus that he got from ASDA and I am catching up on my blog stuff. I am on a long weekend off at the moment and although Xander was up very early, he seems to be in a good mood which is good. Hes going to the park this afternoon which will give me the chance to do some well needed tidying in the house.

Smurfin’ The Web continues to grow and thanks to all your reading my viewing figures are steadily rising month on month. Remember you can now “Like” this blog on Facebook using the button on the right hand side of this page which will give you right up to date with new posts on a daily basis. There is plenty to keep you going with new movie reviews and my regular daily blogs.

One thing I will tell you about is a new TV show. Its called American Horror Story and it is very intriguing. I would say its a horror style like the movie The Shining. Its quite psychological and the plot is developing nicely after just four episodes of a scheduled thirteen. If you get a chance to see it, give it a shot, but you need to see it from the start otherwise you won’t have a clue whats going on. I have a few movies on my drive to watch also, and hope to perhaps get through a couple tonight, but tomorrow is Monday Movie Meme day and I think it will be a Halloween Special, so get involved and have a go.

So anyway, its almost lunchtime so I’ll sign off for now. Keep reading and remember to “Like” and tell your friends.