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Cheers to another Monday on the Monday Movie Meme tour. Its the turn of Nicole over at The Madlab Post this week while I think of a suitable topic for next week. This week’s topic is “Real Animals of the Universe Share on your blog movies featuring real animals, no CGI, animated, dancing, martial-arts exhibiting, etc.

Nicole has picked a few but not ones that immediately came to my mind so I should be able to pick a few out of the millions of movies that feature animals. Now I am not a huge fan of this type of movie, they always tend to be of the namby pamby family movie, not really my bag baby, but here are some movies that feature the animals anyhow.

I think a good example of a film of this type is the 1996 live action remake of the Disney classic animation 101 Dalmations. It was a film that was worthy of the live action treatment and in fact I think its actually better than the original version. The cast is very good featuring the likes of Hugh Laurie and Jeff Daniels, but it was the casting of Glenn Close in the role of Cruella De Vil that was inspired and she is simply wonderful in the role. So good in fact they gave her a sequel. It was as if the character was made just for her.The movie was a huge success and showed that given the right people and script, a decent film can be made without relying solely on computers and models.

Secondly from me is Hachi : A Dog’s Tale. Based on the true story of the dog that was taken in by a college professor and remained faithful to its new owner even after his death. The movie stars Richard Gere as the kindly professor that finds a stray Akita and takes him home with the intention of returning him to his proper owner. When no-one claims the dog, he keeps the dog until his death. What is remarkable about the actual story is that the dog waited outside the train station where his master would come home from work after the professor had died. Everyday in fact. There is actually a statue of the dog at the station now it became so famous. Its a sickly sweet movie, but this type of story has that effect. Girls will cry at this film.

So you think you have any more? Post your comments, check out the other blogs and join in. Its my turn next week so watch out for that.