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Time for this weeks Football Friday. This week I will be discussing what seems to be a hot subject in footballing circles at the moment, the Olympic Football Team for next years London Olympics.

Yesterday, the coaches for the mens and women’s teams were picked – Stuart Pearce and Hope Powell respectively. Now I have no problem with the coaches as both are experienced in what they do so I don’t think there is any case for moaning there. It isn’t the World Cup now is it, it the Olympics.

What people are having trouble getting their heads around is that a British football team should have players from all British nations. Now on paper I can see that this is a new idea and in theory is a decent thought, but there is far too much opposition from certain nations reagrding their players.

Basically, everyone other than England is making a fuss about this because they don’t want to lose their “independence as footballing nations”. Personally I think this is such a load of crap, and it comes down to nothing else but the fact that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are just being stubborn and think that the team will just be made up of players from England. There is of course the old political feuds between the countries from centuries ago that make anything “British” akin to the plague and should be avoided at all costs.

I hate this small mindedness by the smaller nations of our Islands, particularly Scotland, the nation I grew up and live in. It’s the Olympics for Christ’s sake. It’s not a tournament that is really watched for its football anyway so who really cares?! The men’s team of 18 players has to have 15 players that were born after 1989 anyway, so it’s not as if Wayne Rooney, or Steven Gerrard, or John Terry are going to be in the team is it?

I think this is an opportunity for some young players from small nations in particular to put their name forward with the chance of winning an Olympic medal and get some experience in playing in a tournament at the same time which is something they might not ordinarily have the opportunity to do with the national squads. I would say that there will be more players from England, but that is just down to numbers. England is a bigger country than Wales and Scotland and so there will be more players to choose from. Scotland will of course see this as overlooking their country and take it as a personal insult and snub. That bugs me. The smaller nations of the UK have to get over themselves and if they don’t want to take part then thats fine. Of course, Team GB should stop pursuing the cause if this is what the other nations want.

With still just less than a year to go, it remains to be seen if clubs will allow their players to be selected for this new team or whether the idea is doomed to fail. I think it will go ahead but with inferior players due to club stubbornness and it will be only English players. In any case, its not an event I will be watching during the Olympics, not that I am an Olympics fan in the first place. I shall probably just watch the opening ceremony to see which Z List celebrities and X Factor rejects perform. Lets have your thoughts on the matter and leave your comments.