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Welcome back to Wicked Wednesday. Its been a while since one of these, but I am now back on track and ready to bring you some more horror suspense before Halloween arrives at the end of the month.

Rather than delving back into the past for some vintage horror, I picked up a new movie last week called Faces In The Crowd. I don’t think it got an actual cinema release and the lack of information on this leads me to believe that it is a straight to DVD job. The concept was interesting so I thought I’d give it a look.

Starring the lovely Milla Jovovich in the lead role as Anna Marchant, a typical, outgoing young woman who survives an attack by a serial killer, this movie was more of a thriller than an out and out horror flick. During her attack, Anna takes a nasty whack to the head that leaves her with an affliction called “face blindness” – a curious phenomenon that disables her ability to recognize faces. If she looks at someone, then turns away and looks again, that person’s face has changed completely.

An interesting concept and it adds some substance to the plot and there are some very clever shots in the movie, particularly with looking at herself in the mirror; yes the face blindness affects her own image aswell. The movie also stars Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) as Detective Kerrest, the cop in charge of finding the serial killer that attacked Anna. Other than these two, I didn’t know anyone else in the movie and its obviously a simple paycheck for these two.

As for the film itself, I worked out who the killer was the first time I saw the character on screen. The story tries to steer you in many directions, but go with your gut I say and I was right, so it was a little predictable, but was watchable enough to stick it out to the end just to see if I was right. Its not something I would pay a load of money to own on disc myself, but I’m sure theres a niche for it somewhere. The movie is suspenseful, but not scary in the slightest. I actually thought the new trailer for The Woman In Black that I saw today was much better than this movie, but I do love that story. I give Faces In The Crowd a mere 5/10. Nothing to write home about. Here is the trailer, check it out for yourselves.