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Right folks, I’m back. I have been very bad this week and didn’t post a single blog update on any day so apologies for that. Raring to go now though and as I sit here writing this I have my iPod blasting out some great tunes to provide some inspiration.

It was a week of catch up really. With Kell working 3 nights in a row at the start of the week, it left me with less time to do the stuff I normally get around to doing, or I just wasn’t in the mood for writing. What I have managed to do though is the renovation work on part of Xander’s Christmas present. Last year he was given a small wooden train set and he has never stopped playing with it all year, so this year, we decided that we would get him some more track and some bridges and tunnels to expand his set. So cue Ebay, and I managed to pick up a load of track and other items. The total cost has been around £100, but well worth it.

Part of the new set is an engine house. Its in good condition but the paintwork was a little ragged and it certainly needed some work to make it look as good as new. So off to Hobbycraft we went to get some acrylic paints and spray varnish. And behold, the new and improved Tidmouth Sheds. I know he’ll get a kick out of the whole set, but I’m pleased with how this has turned out.
From this to this –>
Its not too easy to see from these pictures, but it looks great anyway.

Saturday was a pretty good day. Work wasn’t to stressful and I say farewell to Mark’s holiday cover after two weeks. So after work I had to go to Leni’s house to feed her cat. Greedy little bugger didn’t take long to eat two pouches of food either while I washed my car. I took advantage of the fact that she lives in a detached cottage so it was easy to connect the hosepipe to the bathroom tap and rinse down the car after a good soapy wash. Also, because I am that kind of guy, I cleaned Leni’s Punto while I was at it. Brownie points there I think. No really, I want Chocolate Brownies!!

Today though I am having a nice relaxing day with the only job I have to do – hang the washing that is currently in the machine. I can spend the rest of the day writing my blog posts for most of the week. The Formula 1 Grand Prix wasn’t very eventful this morning either and not being a rugby fan, I couldn’t care less about who is in the final of their World Cup, although I hear its New Zealand and France. So I shall sign off for today and possibly fire up the new Football Manager 2012 Demo, but I will leave you with this video by The Hives, a band who I am liking quite a lot recently. Enjoy =)