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I know, I know, its been a couple of weeks since one of these, but with Xander having his birthday and then last weekend not feeling so great, I let things slip, so apologies. Back on track now though and normality is restored.

I am glad that the TV shows that I like are finally back, it has been a barren summer with no CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Castle and The Office. I also have another two shows to look forward to in Homeland and Person Of Interest and you can see my preview of those here.

It was an interesting week in football, especially in Europe with Tevez throwing his toys out of his cot (allegedly), Titus Bramble getting arrested and Newcastle actually winning AGAIN to go 3rd in the league! WTF is going on there then? Chelsea go to Bolton today and we have to keep up the pressure on the top 3 if we are going to be taken seriously as a challenger this season. I think we should do it though, Drogba should be back in place of the suspended Torres. For more on my football thoughts, click here to read this week’s Football Friday.

So what is on today’s menu then? Well its the usual trip to ASDA, then off to Jimmy Chungs for a slap up lunch with cool Auntie Leni and Uncle Matt. I haven’t been for a while so it’ll be good to get some Chinese for a change. Xander is going to get a special prize from ASDA today as he is doing really great with his toilet training after that brief stint of laziness a few weeks ago. At the end of the year we hoe to dispense with the potty entirely and move to the actual toilet full time, so I’m very proud of his progress. Speaking of progress, he is learning basic arithmetic. He can take away from 5 to 0 using his fingers taking away one each time. Very clever of him and hes only just turned 3!

I have the great task of cleaning the fish tank today, but hopefully if we have some time after Jimmy Chungs, we shall take a quick trip to the pet shop and pick up another fish or two and some algae eating snails. The tank turns green so quickly, hopefully the snails can keep up with it, lol. After that, I think I’ll be tired enough for some kip after my very early morning alarm call from Xander today. He was very good though and let me dress him first which was great, it saves a lot of time later before ASDA.

Tonight’s viewing on the box is the new movie Drive starring Ryan Gosling as a stuntman/getaway driver. I’m looking forward to it after seeing the trailer a while ago. Look out for the review on Smurfin’ The Web very soon.

Which reminds me, the Facebook group Smurfin’ The Web no longer exists. I thought it was pretty pointless to have a group where a page that can be updated is just as useful. It also means that I can have a “Like” button on the homepage here so if you are passing by, please remember to “like” me and help spread the word. I’m sure there must be someone out there interested in some movie reviews, or just enjoy reading this sort of thing. The new Facebook page is here and will be updated constantly with new material.

Finally today I will leave you with a nice story. As a listener of the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio, I have entered a competition to win £10,000. £5k goes to charity and £5k for myself. The premise is simple, get a celebrity who was big in the 80s to call the show, then if your celebrity wins the vote at the end of the week, you win. Simple. I tweeted a load of folks that I remembered from my childhood in the 80s and amazingly some of them got back to me. Richard Stilgoe tweeted back saying he will see what he can do, so I have my fingers crossed that he does call in and put himself (and myself) in the running for some money. I will keep you updated. Others who replied to me but were already enrolled were Wincey Willis and Sarah Greene who I’m sure you’ll remember.

Phew, that was more than I had expected to write, but I better let Xander wake up Mummy now, hes dying to go through and the big hand is now at the bottom… keep reading all next week and beyond. Thanks.