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Its Autumn. What does that mean then? Well apart from the cold nights coming in and the leaves falling from the trees, it also means that my favourite TV shows are back! **WARNING** – THERE MAY BE SPOILERS BELOW!!

I am a massive fan of crime dramas and the original CSI is back for its 12th season. I wrote a blog on here some months ago regarding whether CSI had indeed “Jumped The Shark”. Literally days after I wrote that it was announced that Larry Fishburne wasn’t returning to the show. No offence to the great actor, but his character just didn’t fit the show and its for the best that he has moved on. He hs instead been replaced by Ted Dansen (yes, Sam Malone from Cheers). From the first episode, I like his character already. He has a humourous quirkiness to him that manages in a bizarre way to get the job done. I look forward to more.

Also returning is Criminal Minds for its 7th season. We see the return of two characters here, with JJ (AJ Cook) rejoining the team and also the resurrection of Emily Prentiss, played by Paget Brewster who was assumed by the BAU to be dead, but was in fact alive and working under cover once more. The first episode in the season concludes the story from the previous season and we should now have seen the last of this plotline. Now we can get back on with solving serial murders. Whether the whole team stays together remains to be seen.

My favourite show at this time is Castle. Starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, this show has just started its 4th season. Amazing stuff really, any show that Mr. Fillion has been in has ended up being cancelled, (Driven, Firefly) so he has done really well this time around. The chemistry between the two main characters is great and the continual will they/won’t they scenario is great while they don’t. There are always lots of little references to other works and with Fillion’s character being a writer, the powers that be have actually released fictional material as proper novels and more recently a graphic novel. All of which are referred to in the show itself. Its a great little hook and nice touch.

There are a couple of shows coming very soon that I have seen the pilots for. You can never be sure with new shows if they are going to be any good after the pilot, but Homeland and Person Of Interest certainly have promise.Starring Damian Lewis as a lost soldier, Sgt. Nicholas Brody, who is found during a raid in Afghanistan and returns to the United States a hero after being held in captivity for many years. To Carrie Anderson (Claire Danes) though, she is not convinced that he is all that he appears to be and sets out to convince her superiors at the CIA that he has been turned by terrorists and is in fact involved in a plot to attack his home country. The first episode was a great intro to the story and the main characters. It instantly grabbed me and I can’t wait until the next episode in October. Also starring is Mandy Pitinkin as Anderson’s boss and mentor Saul Berensen, and Morena Baccarin as Brody’s wife Jessica who starred in Firefly and more recently the updated version of V. Fans of terrorist dramas such as 24 or The Cell will definitely enjoy this show I think.

Secondly is a show from the mind of Jonathan Nolan, Person Of Interest. This crime/thriller/tech drama comes very soon and will be another I think I will like after seeing the pilot the other night. It stars James Caviezel as an ex CIA hitman who is recruited by a mysterious businessman to prevent violent crimes happening to ordinary individuals on the street. The mysterious Finch played by Michael Emerson (Lost) has developed a computer program using CCTV, audio recordings and other information to predict when a crime is going to happen. Unfortunately he does not know when or how it will happen, he only knows who. John Reese is brought in to help him discover what and how is going to happen and attempt to stop it before it does.

Its an original idea that I think has some future in the Autumn show list. What gives it some gravitas is the name of JJ Abrams as Executive Producer and his television successes have been plentiful. I hope to see this show continue and its certainly one of the better offerings this year. Check out the trailer.