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Wow! this was a real blast from the past. I’ve been working my way through movies to be watched on my media player and I have now got this one off the list. I last saw it, well it must be at least 20 years ago now, and its still as good today as it was then.

Restless Natives tells the story of two Scottish friends who suddenly find themselves local heroes after they start holding up buses wearing clown and wolfman masks. A relatively small cast starred Vincent Friell as Will and Joe Mullaney as Ronnie. What surprised me was the inclusion of Ned Beatty as a CIA agent named Bender in the film. Now lest face it, Ned Beatty is a huge star in Hollywood, he was in Deliverance! The film also stars Teri Lally as Margot and Bernard Hill as Will’s father who strangely admires the two young outlaws for their “initiative”.

The film is funny, well written and nicely filmed on location in Scotland. Anyone who knows Edinburgh will recognise many of the cities’ monuments and main streets and also a much more innocent time. Set in the mid 80s, people of a certain age will certainly identify with why Will and Ronnie decide to do what they do, but their naivety makes you sympathise with their plight and you love the characters even though they are essentially the “bad guys” in the movie.

What I always remembered about the movie from when I was younger was the music in it. A stunning soundtrack was written for the movie by Stuart Adamson and performed by his band Big Country in their unique and instantly identifiable sound and style. It gels the film together and you enjoy the ride all the more.

I still love this movie and recommend it to fans of Scottish film and music and I give it a cracking 8/10. See it.