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Its time for your weekly dose of horror savagery folks. A brand new horror film for me to present to you people today. Just released in cinemas is Apollo 18 which is about an apparent secret space mission to the moon that was always claimed by the United States didn’t exist and that Apollo 17 was the last mission to the moon.

The film stars just a handful of people. For the most part though, its just two astronauts on screen; the two that land on the moon while the other stays in orbit. Warren Christie plays Benjamin Anderson while Nathan Walker is portrayed by Lloyd Owen.

They do a decent job of the material they have to work with and the film is very short, only an hour and 15 minutes. The whole film is segments of video camera footage supposedly found decades after the event, although how this footage made it back to Earth I don’t know..(big plot hole there). As for special effects, they are minimal and its the kind of movie that could have been made in your bedroom really.

Personally, I didn’t like it. I do like a good horror film as you all know, but this wasn’t A) scary in the slightest, B) suspenseful and C) overhyped. Its a poor movie and just another case of a filmmaker trying to cash in on an idea that has already been done far better elsewhere. The movie has been a reasonable success though taking 3 times its budget back on the big screen which just goes to prove that there is no accounting for taste. My wife wants to see this film, but I am afraid that reading this review, that might change. It gets a lowly 2/10 from me.