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This one was a recommendation from my wife who came across the movie whilst browsing some horror forum and reckoned that it would be good to have a look at.

The Deaths Of Ian Stone is a movie from 2007 and is a strange tale about a young American guy who experiences numerous forms of death and wakes up in a new life after each death in slightly different surroundings. He has to try and work out why this is happening to him and why he keeps seeing familiar faces in each new life he is given.

Well, I’m going to be honest here, it wasn’t that great. Its a typical lowish budget, Final Destination type horror film that doesn’t require any form of intelligence to watch or work out what is going on. Once the plot is revealed, the movie is pretty much over from then on and you would be forgiven for turning it off once we discover the truth.

Starring Mike Vogel in the lead role, he puts in a mediocre performance although getting killed multiple times can’t be that difficult to act out. Jaime Murray is the female lead and we discover more about her character Medea quite quickly.

Some of the special effects were quite good, but overused and the movie got tired very fast. If you have absolutely nothing to watch and find yourself in the budget section of the DVD shop, then give it a shot, but I would only give it a 4/10. Not a big hit here. Heres the trailer which makes the movie look better than it is.