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Cheers to another Monday on the Monday Movie Meme tour. Its the turn of Nicole over at The Madlab Post this week while I think of a suitable topic for next week. This week’s topic is “BUYER’S REMORSE Share on your blog movies featuring characters who purchased an item that later turned out to be more hassle than a great buy.

The purchased items in question in movies like this affect the characters lives in one way or another. These goods have usually become either annoying, tough to maintain, dangerous to the buyer or at the very least, cost the owners way more in the long run than what they initially paid to get it.
I have to mention one of the most overlooked Christmas films when lists of classic movies come out. Made in 1984 and directed by Joe Dante, the movie Gremlins has to be one of the best examples of a present that goes drastically wrong. Given the gift of a Mogwai by his father, Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) and is given 3 rules to abide by: never expose it to bright lights (especially sunlight, which will kill it); never get it wet (which will make it multiply); and never feed it after midnight (which will turn it into a gremlin).

Needless to say of course, these rules are never abided by and things go terribly wrong after Gizmo is fed after midnight and numerous Gremlins are born which multiply until there is utter chaos in the sleepy town of Kingston Falls.

The movie was critically slated for being violent and even containing racist sections which I find completely ridiculous, yet in the end was a massive success and has gained something of a cult status among fans of the movie.

Next up for me is an out and out horror movie, Hellraiser. Our story starts with Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman) buying a mysterious puzzle box in Morocco which he takes back to London. He proceeds to solve the box after which he is mercilessly ripped to bits by demons from Hell itself, the main one of course being Pinhead who is played marvellously by Doug Bradley.

I was never a huge fan of the original movie although the idea that Clive Barker dreamed and put to paper was an original one. Many sequels have been made and a remake of the first movie is apparently in the works and will be in 3D which should be good for a movie of this type.

So there you have it. Two choices from me this week, I don’t want to steal all the good ones. Get posting folks and hopefully look forward to next week’s Monday Movie Meme which will be brought to you by Smurfin’ The Web.