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This one has taken me ages to get around to watching. Its been on my hard drive for literally about a year and last night was finally the night I got to see the film that was up for a few Oscars a couple of years back.

Mickey Rourke stars as an 80s wrestler Randy “The Ram” Robinson who has seen better days but still performs his shows even though he is no longer the sensation and success that he once was. We get a real insight into what some of these guys actually do to please the crowd. The movie is filmed partly like a documentary with natural camera views and candid shots and I really liked this about it, it appeared very natural and unforced. Marisa Tomei appears as Cassidy, a stripper who has an odd relationship with Randy, but they can relate to each other because of their age. Her performance is good and I think she earned her Oscar nomination, as did Mickey Rourke.

This is a good drama about what happens to performers such as wrestlers and strippers after they reach a certain age and I reckon that its probably a very true depiction and reflection of real life. There are many many guys from WWE who must be like this these days who have not managed a successful movie career like The Rock or to a lesser extent Hulk Hogan, and we see in WWE still today all these comebacks from stars of the 80s that just don’t know anything else.

There isn’t much in the way of special effects here, but its not that kind of film. All in all I enjoyed the movie and was impressed by Mickey Rourke. Its good to see that he can do other types of movie and can actually act a little more than I thought he could. As for it being better than Rocky, as one of my workmates suggested, I don’t think so. It’s definitely worth seeing though and I’ll give it a 7.5/10. Heres the trailer, I think any fan of wrestling will love this movie.