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This is the new action movie starring Curtis 50 Cent Jackson, he stars as Sonny who takes part in a diamond heist with two friends and when things don’t go as planned, he has to fix a lot of problems that go wrong along the way and he will have to face some tough choices.

Also starring are Bruce Willis as Mr Biggs and  Ryan Phillippe as Vincent. Willis is great as the mob boss who enlists Sonny’s help to do an incidental job which is not initially to do with the diamond heist, but due to other things that happen ends up having some connection.

Its not a best movie I have ever seen, but its reasonably good for those boring nights with nothing to do. 50 Cent puts in a decent performance and given some time could have a decent movie career if he ever gives up his music business. I do think however that his background would probably influence the movie choices that he would take and although quite talented as an actor, there is a definite shelf life there.

I’ll give this movie a decent 5/10, nothing to write home about, but not a complete waste of an hour and a half either. Heres the trailer, and the movie is a straight to DVD release on 20th September. Enjoy it.