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OK, this one has an unsual title right? That would be correct, but you have got to see this movie. The word Bunraku refers to Japanese puppet theatre, which is still as popular today as is has been for centuries. The film is basically a revenge story and the plot isn’t anything new, but this time around its done in a really nice and unique way that makes the film look great.

The movie has a stellar cast. Woody Harrelson, Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore, Ron Perlman, and Kevin McKidd. The very unusual Gackt Camui also stars in this film. He is a Japanese pop star and has taken to doing some film work aswell. With a cast like this I was very hopeful for a very good 2 hours worth of entertainment.

What I really liked about this movie was how it was filmed. It was shot like a cross between Sin City and 300. Its how Sin City should have been made I think, with much more of a plot rather than disjointed stories, but the whole look of the movie is very artistic. The Bartender (Harrelson) makes pop-up books as a hobby and the film is like one giant pop-up book, very clever. The director Guy Moshe has taken a lot of influence for a varying range of film styles. Some of the fight scenes are done like West Side Story, with punches in time to music and well performed like a well choreographed dance.

Yea, we know how the movie is going to end up, but as a film experience, I loved it! The visuals are great and its a massive shame that its not in 3D aswell, that would be an IMAX experience I think. If you like a bit of fantasy action, then you could do much worse than watching Bunraku. You’ll be in for a treat. It gets a terrific 8/10 from me. Enjoy the trailer.