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The worst day for a month. I’m back to work tomorrow 😦 It has been a fine three weeks off from the hustle and bustle, but in truth it will be good to get back into the “normal” routine. It’ll be interesting how the “new improved” jobs are going.

So while I’m writing this I’m noshing down my lunch waiting for the Italian Grand Prix to start although I fear it’ll be a foregone conclusion once again, Vettell (who is on pole position leading the race from start to finish as is the norm in Formula 1 these days.

I’ve been watching back season reviews from the early 1990s and those guys were supremely talented, Senna, Prost, Mansell, Schumacher just starting out. Its all very good to see, especially the in car cameras when you see the drivers actually using a MANUAL gearbox!

There will be a few movie reviews coming this week hopefully on Smurfin’ The Web so please check back for them and the usual Monday Movie Meme and Tuesday Tunes. Hopefully some more people will start taking part.

Xander has been his usual self lately, but we think he is starting a bit of a growth spurt again. He is always asking for things to eat. Now I know kids do this, but its every 2 seconds, AND hes eating his meals, lol. I wonder sometimes where it goes, but hey, I’m not complaining, hes been such a light eater in the last year I’m glad hes starting to eat more now.

The other things we’ve been doing for him is getting the older Disney movies. So he has now seen the likes of Snow White, Peter Pan and Dumbo. Its surprising how much he is enjoying them. I thought he might be a bit funny with them as they are completely different to Toy Story for example, but hes been great with them and asks for Peter Pan and Dumbo all the time.

Lastly today I shall mention the tragedy that happened in 2001 on this very day in New York. I was at work when it all happened, but I remember getting home and Kell just telling me to watch the TV.  Seeing the endless replays of planes hitting the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre is one of those moments in time that I will never forget and indeed I don’t think anyone with access to modern media will either. The redevelopment of the area known as Ground Zero continues and will look amazing and be a fitting tribute to all the lives lost, but most people’s lives in New York will never been the same, nor can any tribute erase those memories or their loss.

More next week.