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I do love a gritty legal drama movie and The Lincoln Lawyer is just that. Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a defence attorney with lets say, less than the usual amount of scruples. He is quick thinking, clever and will strike a deal with anyone to get paid, even if his client is an innocent one.

He finds himself with a client who doesn’t quite appear to be all as he seems. Accused of viciously beating a prostitute, Louis Roulet, played here by Ryan Phillippe, Haller will have to use all of his smart thinking to get himself out of some sticky situations after he has a crisis of conscience when he finds out more details of this particular client.

Other than the two main actors, we also have William H Macy playing Haller’s investigator Frank Levin and Oscar winner Marisa Tomei plays Haller’s former lover Maggie with who Haller has a daughter. Also starring are John Leguizamo and Bob Gunton. Their roles are minor, but its nice to see big stars having small appearances sometimes as it puts more of a focus on the actual storyline.

The storyline is clever, but not too clever. The writers do not treat us, the viewer as if we are stupid like a lot of movies do. What is going to happen can be worked out, but it doesn’t spoil the film in any way as you want to know how it happens and whether you are right of course. I found it thoroughly engaging and exciting, especially during the courtroom scenes, much like movies like A Few Good Men (although nothing will ever top that) and The Firm. If you are a fan of a good thriller/drama and a good crime story, then The Lincoln Lawyer is definitely a film for you.

I put off watching it earlier in the year due to other things, but I really wish I’d seen it before now. I’m glad I watched it though, it was really very enjoyable and one of the better films I have seen this year for sure and I give it a solid 7/10. Check out the trailer and do try and see this movie soon before it gets forgotten about.