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Test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a fly by the seat of your pants kinda guy. He has the usual little respect for authority if he feels it is in the interests of the project and after he loses control of a plane in a dogfight against two new planes, he is fired from the project. He is transported by a mysterious green bubble to a secluded spot where he encounters a dying alien life form who has crash landed and is given a ring that gives his unusual powers and a place in an intergalactic protection force who will face an evil foe once more.

I had looked forward to this movie. The trailer looked pretty good and the story looked intriguing for sure. What a disappointment though, Even the likes of actors such as Mark Strong, Tim Robbins and Peter Sarsgaard could not save this film. Reynolds in the starring role is just not much of an actor if I have to be honest and the chemistry between his characters and his love interest Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) was non existent. Another downside to this superhero movie was that its a DC Comics creation. They just don’t cut it for me when it comes to characters of this type and I found myself just thinking it was just a rehash of a Superman story, even down to all the green that is used – hugely reminiscent of Kryptonite. The music even threatened to break into the Superman theme at one point.

One saving grace was the special effects which were pretty nicely done and flowed well with the acting. The storyline started out ok, but was just far too predictable and in the end too thin to explore the origins of the rest of the green characters in the movie who protect their own sectors of the universe. You get to see about 3 or 4 others, but not enough was told about of their stories or history. Far too much focus on the Ryan Reynolds character, not enough on the bad guys and by the time the evil deeds are being tried, the movie is over. All in all, a big let down from what could have been a really good movie and I only give it 4/10. Heres the trailer…