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One movie that has been sitting in my queue for ages and we finally got around to seeing it tonight. I thought that the trailer looked pretty funny and the film actually didn’t disappoint. So often a film of this type can be a huge let down, but the writing is really good and funny aswell.

Starring Danny McBride, who wrote the movie, as Prince Thadeous, who is a failure as a brave prince, but has to embark on a quest to rescue his brother’s fiancée from the evil Leezar (Justin Theroux). Thadeous’ brother Fabious is played by James Franco who has made a bit of a name for himself in the comedy genre and he does it in this movie in such a way as to look very amateur as indeed do the others and I like this in a movie of this style. The crappy comedy with crappy acting, but so obviously hammed up to make it so bad that its funny. Natalie Portman gets her kit off for a scene and there are a few other boobies on show aswell.

The film reminds me somewhat of Robin Hood:Men In Tights in its style, but the language is much more crude, but funny in its context. The use of the “F” and “C” words in a medieval surrounding is funny in itself and gets many laughs. Plenty of sexual innuendo and some good action scenes top off a pretty funny movie. I liked it and its just unfortunate that this type of fantasy movie isn’t appreciated anymore really, I give it a good 7/10 for laughs and storyline.