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Instead of Wicked Wednesday this week due to being away and out on day trips etc, this weeks horror delight is a review of the remake of Fright Night. Yes, its yet another movie that has had a modern treatment and has a host of stars appearing in it.

The story is exactly the same as the original, in this case, Charley Brewster (Anton Yelcin) comes to find out that his new next door neighbour is indeed a vampire. Jerry the vampire (yeah I know, but its made fun out of in the film aswell) is played by Colin Farrell and he actually does a pretty good job of it, being just hammy enough to give the character some humour despite being a raging, blood sucking, killing monster.

For me though, I think the most enjoyable sections of the movie starred David Tennant as Peter Vincent, an illusionist who Charley turns to for information on the killing of vampires and how to deal with the aforementioned Jerry who is becoming a bit of a problem around the neighbourhood with his extra curricular activities.Tennant is basically back to his Doctor Who voice and mannerisms, but dressed like a Goth and the introduction scene between him and Charley is funny.

The overall tone of the movie is pretty tongue in cheek with plenty of humour to offset the horror and director Craig Gillespie has made a very decent job of this film that has been released perhaps a little too soon to capture a proper audience to be as successful as it possibly could have been. I give it a reasonable 6.5/10. Enjoy the trailer…