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Welcome along to another Tuesday Tunes. Each week I will post up a new subject involving music and all you have to do is post a comment in my blog or if you have your own blog, link back to my blog. I hope you enjoy it and join in. Leave your choices in the comments box below, thanks.

Shaken Not Stirred” With so many to choose from over the years, what is your favourite Bond theme?

From 4 decades and a total of 22 movies to choose from, there must be one James Bond movie theme song that is the one you will listen to more than others. Shirley Bassey holds the record for them number of recorded theme tunes with 3 although none of them were big hits in the charts. For me though being a kid growing up in the 80s, when Duran Duran lended their talents to the 14th movie in the franchise “A View To A Kill“. Although the movie isn’t regarded as one of the best, the title track was a huge hit for the band on both sides of The Atlantic. Here is the video, watch out for the dodgy hairstyles and Simon le Bon’s even more dodgy acting skills.