Well that was close, a near upset from West Brom, but Chelsea managed to sneak 3 points at the end there. I don’t know whether its new manager syndrome and new style of playing under him, but we certainly seem very sluggish at the moment. Nothing like the blistering start we had last year, but new players are starting to the club now with the signing of Juan Mata from Valencia which I am very please about. I still want to see him play 90 minutes but he gives us a lot of creativity in the midfield which we are severely lacking in just now. £23.5M for a 23 year old with a proven record at all levels is a good price I think, cheaper than Cesc Fabregas and I think Mata is better.

Elsewhere in the transfer window, Arsenal continue to haemorrhage players with the sale of Samir Nasri (finally) to Manchester City for a reported £25M. Its been off and on for ages, but finally its done. The only one we’re waiting for now is Sneijder.

In Europe, Turkish club and reigning champions Fenerbahce have been withdrawn from the Champions League by the Turkish FA amid an ongoing investigation into max fixing. This can only imply that they will be found guilty and we shall have to see what punishment awaits them should it come to that. Last years runners up Trabsonspor are also being investigated and had already been knocked out of the Champions League qualifying, but remain in the Europa League qualifying rounds. It is unknown what is to become of their continuation in Europe this season.

So things are starting to settle down in the footballing world, but I think there may be a flurry of end of transfer window activity as team try to get in those last minute deals. If Arsenal don’t get in a least 3 quality players before the 1st September, then their team is going to be left with more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese and if that is the case, the writing has to be on the wall for manager Arsene Wenger. I think it may be time for him to have a break from football, I have a feeling it won’t be his own choice though.

So more next week dear reader, I will add some more from the lower leagues in future posts.