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Something a bit different for you this week. While perusing a number of trailers for upcoming movies, I came across one that is being remade and will be released in early 2012.

The Woman In Black is a TV movie that was aired in 1989 and based upon the book by Susan Hill. There were only one or two actors that I actually recognised in this dramatisation, but they all did a great job in bring to life the characters in the story. Sometimes its a low budget production for TV that can be much better than the big Hollywood blockbuster horror movie.

The film is the story of a solicitor named Arthur Kidd, played here by Adrian Rawlins, who is sent to a remote village to wind up the affairs of an old widow named Alice Drablow. the young lawyer then experiences some very strange goings on in the old and strange house located in the marshes that threaten to take his mind, and then possibly his life.

Its a classic ghost story essentially, but it is very well done and there are more than a couple of moments that make the hairs on your arms and neck stand on end and I love that in a horror film. The film is creepy on lots of levels and puts you on edge until the final climactic scene which is equally as horrible. If you have not seen this version of the story, I highly recommend it and give it a very high 8/10. A creepy story, some great scenes and some really scary moments combine to make a very fine horror film.

The story is the subject of a remake which is to be released in February next year starring Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role. In the absence of a trailer for the 1989 version that I have reviewed above, here is the trailer for next year’s version which looks to be very close to the one I have already seen. I look forward to this one.