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Soundtrack Available From…

I think this weeks topic is very self explanatory, what is your favourite movie soundtrack?

Everyone knows my love of movies and it was relatively easy to choose a definite favourite. It has to be Queen’s awesome movie accompaniment, Flash Gordon, released in 1980, it was one of the first big budget movies to have a soundtrack composed and performed by a well known rock band. I think everyone has heard the main theme which appears twice on the album, once with snippets from the film and once without.

The rest of the soundtrack is a good mix of pounding heavy rock beats and the more quiet melancholy compositions. What I do like about the soundtrack is that it is very progressive, even for Queen as they employed the use of synthesisers a lot on this album which were just coming through to the forefront of popular music at the time.

This album is also a little personal to me as my wife and I used Brian May’s reworking of The Wedding March that appears on this album as our own precession music when we were married in 2003. Something that was commented on at the time that was typically us, but that was the idea =)

So with so many to choose from, what is are your favourite movie soundtracks? I’d love to read about them.